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Claire's biliary atresia story

Written by Claire on 21/06/2017 11:03

I wanted to share my experience and hopefully give some support to others with this condition.

I was born with biliary atresia and had a Kasai operation when I was only a few weeks old. I remember my mum later telling me that they gave me about 6 months to live initially... happy to say that I'm still here at 36 years old with my own liver and happily living in New Zealand!

They gave me about 6 months to live

I don't have too many interruptions I guess save tests annually and ongoing monitoring to make sure everything is working ok. From living in different countries I have been told by some doctors that it is inevitable that I will require a transplant at some stage in my life but my regular specialist is of the opinion that if I continue to look after myself I may not need one. Who knows I guess!

Thank you Claire for sharing your story and helping us raise awareness of childhood liver disease. If you have been inspired to share your own story, please email families@childliverdisease.org. To read more stories visit our blogs section