Talk, Tell, Transform 2017

These digital stories were created by the wonderful young people at Children's Liver Disease Foundation’s Talk, Tell, Transform residential in 2017. They all discuss an aspect of their liver disease journey and we're very proud of the bravery and courage they have shown in sharing their story with us.

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"I tried, and I'd say mostly succeeded, to live life to the full, and with as much joy and positivity and excitement as possible."

Lucia has had three liver transplants and is a big advocate of organ donation. Her Talk, Tell, Transform video comes from the beach, where she finds a place of comfort, a constant in an uncontrollable world.



Demi had a liver transplant when she was just 5 years old.

She doesn't want her condition to define her, and won't let it stop her doing the things she wants to.



“What I find amazing is two people could take on such a responsibility for a young child they’d only just met”

Since her transplant Nora has lived her life to the full. Her Talk, Tell, Transform video is a thank you to two people who made her feel part of a family.



Will’s story is inspired by the viewpoint of his parents, whose memories have shaped his own recollections of his early life.



It was a very special New Year for Aimee and her family!



She wanted to be like her friends, but Merlee had a wake up call from the hospital a year ago.



Sport was a major part of Lucy’s life, until she was diagnosed with sclerosing cholangitis



Who would be there for you when you needed their support?



"My illness doesn't define me. I define it"

In her Talk, Tell, Transform film, Daisy tells us what gives her motivation



Find out what Luke’s up to in his Talk, Tell, Transform film


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